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Front-end Testing and a tale of three users

5 min read · Testing, Javascript

How should we think about UI components when testing them?

JSCamp 2019 was not about JavaScript

3 min read · Events, Javascript

And that was a good thing.

Testing API calls in Vue applications

5 min read · Testing, Vue, Javascript

...or how to test async behavior using Vue Testing Library.

Did I spend a whole week in Trivago learning JavaScript from Kyle Simpson?

4 min read · Javascript, Events

I did spend a whole week in Trivago learning JavaScript from Kyle Simpson.

Vue state management from the ground up

10 min read · Javascript, Vue

Let’s get some state managed 💃

Named arguments — Functions that get and return Objects

6 min read · Javascript

Brought to you by Object destructuring and shorthand property names!

Using React-Style Callback Props With Vue: Pros and Cons

5 min read · Javascript

A prop can take any form, from a simple string or number to a complex object. And even a Function.

#JSCampBCN 2018 — Recap and learnings

5 min read · Events, Javascript

#JSCamp2018 was a two-day Javascript-focused conference held in Barcelona. It was great, and I learned a couple of things.

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