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"But, wait. So you don't write unit tests?"

· Testing

Recently I've been asked how I approach the unit vs. integration vs. e2e debate.

I know testing is important, but

· Testing

But but but.

It's all about feedback loops

· Software Crafting, Agile, Testing

What if everything in software development was about creating feedback loops?

I became interested in something. This is how I learned about it.

· Testing, Random Thoughts

I’ve been focusing on testing for the last few months. Here’s a non-compelling list of tools to learn about it.

Front-end Testing and a tale of three users

· Testing, Javascript

How should we think about UI components when testing them?

Creating a culture of testing

· Testing

Let’s say you are sold on the idea of testing. You know it’s important, but you find it hard to sell it to your team, your managers, your colleagues. Why is that?

Testing API calls in Vue applications

· Testing, Vue, Javascript

...or how to test async behavior using Vue Testing Library.

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