Oh, hi! 👋 I'm Adrià Fontcuberta, a software engineer interested in lean development, mostly focused on the front end, UX, and everything in between.

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Challenge your assumptions

· Random Thoughts

The status quo is dull.

You say slow

· Software Crafting

I've been told I was going slow in every project I ever participated in.


· Random Thoughts

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

The goal of software development

· Software Crafting

Why would anyone give money to me to type weird stuff on a computer?

Ron, the shoemaker

· Agile

You either make shoes or you build software.

Back to Basics

· Software Crafting, Agile

Sometimes we face hard choices, where there's no clear path or direction. Actually, we might not even have a clear goal.

A small increment

· Agile

Someone was pleased with us last week.

All power to the Teams

· Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts about software development teams

"But, wait. So you don't write unit tests?"

· Testing

Recently I've been asked how I approach the unit vs. integration vs. e2e debate.

Beware the feedback loop

· Software Crafting, Agile

I know, I know. Feedback loops rock the stage. But.

I know testing is important, but

· Testing

But but but.

It's all about feedback loops

· Software Crafting, Agile, Testing

What if everything in software development was about creating feedback loops?

I became interested in something. This is how I learned about it.

· Testing, Random Thoughts

I’ve been focusing on testing for the last few months. Here’s a non-compelling list of tools to learn about it.

Front-end Testing and a tale of three users

· Testing, Javascript

How should we think about UI components when testing them?

JSCamp 2019 was not about JavaScript

· Events, Javascript

And that was a good thing.

Three ways of telling if you are not problem-oriented

· Product Management

Are you solving problems or just developing sotware?

Creating a culture of testing

· Testing

Let’s say you are sold on the idea of testing. You know it’s important, but you find it hard to sell it to your team, your managers, your colleagues. Why is that?

Testing API calls in Vue applications

· Testing, Vue, Javascript

...or how to test async behavior using Vue Testing Library.

Goodbye, Medium

· Random Thoughts

It was about time.

Your company is not your family

· Random Thoughts

And that’s a good thing.

t3chfest 2019

· Events

t3chfest is one of a kind. It is a tech conference, obviously, but some things make it different from the others.

What are some myths that you believed prior to becoming a software engineer?

· Software Crafting

So, here’s the list of myths that I believed a long time ago.

Neural networks: The apocalypse is (almost) here

· Random Thoughts

AlphaZero has become the ultimate King of the gaming Artificial Intelligences. The algorithm, developed by DeepMind (a.k.a. Google), beat everyone at everything.

Your opinion doesn’t count

· Random Thoughts

Ahh, the Internet. You gotta love the Internet.


· Random Thoughts

When we think about the future, we tend to focus on things that will likely change. We like progress, shining new things.

On Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Chromium

· Random Thoughts

Everyone has an opinion about the topic — So why wouldn’t I?

Horror Vacui

· Random Thoughts

CSS: In defense of !important


!important isn’t bad and you shouldn’t feel bad — if you know how to use it

Senior developer? You Keep Using That Word, I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means

· Leadership

I’ve been working in the web industry for 10 years now. Does it make me a Senior Developer?

Getting [someone] to do [something]

· Leadership

Have you ever tried to sell something to someone?

Agile is dead

· Agile

…long live agile?

Did I spend a whole week in Trivago learning JavaScript from Kyle Simpson?

· Javascript, Events

I did spend a whole week in Trivago learning JavaScript from Kyle Simpson.

Vue state management from the ground up

· Javascript, Vue

Let’s get some state managed 💃

Named arguments — Functions that get and return Objects

· Javascript

Brought to you by Object destructuring and shorthand property names!

Using React-Style Callback Props With Vue: Pros and Cons

· Javascript

A prop can take any form, from a simple string or number to a complex object. And even a Function.

#JSCampBCN 2018 — Recap and learnings

· Events, Javascript

#JSCamp2018 was a two-day Javascript-focused conference held in Barcelona. It was great, and I learned a couple of things.

Agile Open Spain 2018 (from the trenches)

· Agile, Events

You are only as good as your team. And my team rocked the AOS.

Introducing Cool UX Tools 🚀🚀🚀

· User Experience

A curated list of 200+ cool resources and tools for developers, UX researchers, designers and project managers.