A series of random thoughts

I became interested in something. This is how I learned about it.

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I’ve been focusing on testing for the last few months. Here’s a non-compelling list of tools to learn about it.

Goodbye, Medium

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It was about time.

Your company is not your family

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And that’s a good thing.

Neural networks: The apocalypse is (almost) here

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AlphaZero has become the ultimate King of the gaming Artificial Intelligences. The algorithm, developed by DeepMind (a.k.a. Google), beat…

Your opinion doesn’t count

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Ahh, the Internet. You gotta love the Internet.


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When we think about the future, we tend to focus on things that will likely change. We like progress, shining new things.

On Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Chromium

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Everyone has an opinion about the topic — So why wouldn’t I?

Horror Vacui

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