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Bilbostack 2024

Last week I gave a talk at Bilbostack.

You say slow

3 min read · Software Crafting

I've been told I was going slow in every project I ever participated in.

The goal of software development

3 min read · Software Crafting

Why would anyone give money to me to type weird stuff on a computer?

Back to Basics

3 min read · Software Crafting, Agile

Sometimes we face hard choices, where there's no clear path or direction. Actually, we might not even have a clear goal.

Beware the feedback loop

3 min read · Software Crafting, Agile

I know, I know. Feedback loops rock the stage. But.

It's all about feedback loops

What if everything in software development was about creating feedback loops?

What are some myths that you believed prior to becoming a software engineer?

4 min read · Software Crafting

So, here’s the list of myths that I believed a long time ago.

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