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Pessimism-driven development

· 4 min read · Agile

A sad but realistic starting point for everything we do: Things can go wrong and will go wrong.

The minefield of software development

· 5 min read · Agile

More often than not, we build software based on hope.

Embracing unknown unknowns

· 4 min read · Agile

Once upon a time in 1869, a Russian scientist named Mendeleev was obsessed with ordering all elements present in nature. The typical Russian scientist obsession.

Ron, the shoemaker

· 5 min read · Agile

You either make shoes or you build software.

Back to Basics

· 3 min read · Software Crafting, Agile

Sometimes we face hard choices, where there's no clear path or direction. Actually, we might not even have a clear goal.

A small increment

· 3 min read · Agile

Someone was pleased with us last week.

Beware the feedback loop

· 3 min read · Software Crafting, Agile

I know, I know. Feedback loops rock the stage. But.

It's all about feedback loops

· 3 min read · Software Crafting, Agile, Testing

What if everything in software development was about creating feedback loops?

Rethinking Agile... for all business?

· 3 min read · Agile

Agile is dead

· 3 min read · Agile

…long live agile?

Agile Open Spain 2018 (from the trenches)

· 4 min read · Agile, Events

You are only as good as your team. And my team rocked the AOS.

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